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Using Reddit for SEO or marketing is officially pointless

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    Between the insanely aggressive auto-mods that ban you as soon as you register, or right after your first few posts, or shadowban your posts, and the insane far-left moderators on every sub aggressively deleting any opinions they don’t like, and the insane amount of fraudulent takedowns sent to Reddit every single day for “copyright” and other bullshit reasons trying to censor discussions that certain companies don’t want public…..

    I mean you literally can’t do anything there besides post far-left political comments cuz everything else gets eventually deleted

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    Read this thread and try not to piss your pants laughing lmao


    Reddit was always problematic.

    It didn’t matter if we were promoting normal sites or our adult sites. The work invested to financial return ratio was always crap and we always had a problem with trolls.

    Now Reddit administration has moved into a more “INCLUSIVE” or “WOKE” agenda. Now everything we post is subject to cancellation because of someone’s feelings.

    eg. A month ago we were selling cookies for teddy bears and were subtly posting in arts & crafts subreddits. The account was eventually suspended for what we were told was fat shaming because we made the mistake of saying no one could get fat from these cookies.

    Surprisingly our adult subs lasted a little longer but about 2 weeks ago they finally showed up on some Super Admin’s radar. It’s just not worth the fight.

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    The biggest annoyance for me is the sub mods, who are usually some form of OCD psychopath who have been deleting 90% of threads since they became a mod back in 2003 or something insane… if Reddit is trying to go mainstream or whatever, leaving this nutjobs in charge of massive subs makes no sense

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    Reddit sucks balls, they think they stopped spam but just made it worse cuz now it’s obsessive teenage leftist spam and no growth

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    they are also now trying to force you into providing an email address

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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